JORGI "Gedzbowa Knieja/Wood of Music" Kamahuk 1994

Join us on a trip to the primaeval forest of Polish and Slav music to pick water-pepper, angelica, elderberry, water rushes, sycamore wood and magic nasierzal-nasizrak. Follow Jorga's successors to the old, mysterious forest which remembers the time of the Polanie tribe, where everything has been resounding with songs and melodies for centuries.

Rychly brothers are artists, but above all, they are searchers for roots. They know no limits, either of time or space. Maciej Rychly himself plays instruments he himself built using the plants we have mentioned. He uses ancient designs found in old, wise books and divined from nature. Waldemar Rychly usually reaches for his guitar, but he also manages to discover the sound of the past in the abstract imagination of a computer. Together they have discovered this genetic cultural DNA code of our heritage and brought it to life. Sometimes even after a period of 1000 years. It all comes naturally in the spirit of spontaneous ecology of culture. How simple and intelligble it is, too! Easy to understand to everyone. A music fairy tale. An adventure on a trip to a forest of music. A day and night spent in Gedzbowa Knieja - Wood of Music:

  1. live play  Dziki/Wild One  save as...   (exit from Kolomyjka - M. W. Rychly)

  2. live play  Kuku Oberek/Peekaboo Oberek  save as...  (Near Domaniewice - M. W. Rychly)

  3. Szuwarki/Rushes (Run Free Like Animal - M. W. Rychly)

  4. Ziele Nasizrak/Nasizrak herb ("I boldly pick you with five fingers with my sixth palm. Let boys chase me". From medieval search for the nasierzal herb in the forest in which everyone took part naked - M. W. Rychly)

  5. live play  Zielona Lipka/Green Linden  save as...  (like in a poem by Jan Kochanowski, only on the oposite side of the lake - M. W. Rychly)

  6. live play  Piesn Wieczorna/Evening Song  save as...  (old Slav mediatative song's motif - M. W. Rychly)

  7. live play  Mrok/Twilight  save as...  (music by Witold Lutoslawski with echoes of the "There's Path" from the Podlasie region)

  8. Straszki/Ghosts (Ghosts in the Woods - M. W. Rychly)

  9. Krzesany/Sparkling Highlanders (dance from Podhale - M. W. Rychly)

  10. Wielki woz/Charless Wain (based on "Spring", Andantino in G-minor by Frederic Chopin - M. W. Rychly)

  11. Piesn Ziemi/Song of the Earth ("Bless Us Lord and Our Guests, Give Us Goodwill, based on a pre-Christian Polish song - M. W. Rychly)

Kuku Oberek, Piesn Wieczorna i Krzesany from the record "Kwartet Jorgi", Jam 1991

Singing and playing:


ANDRZEJ TRZECIAK - cello (2, 6, 9), MAJA - vocal (5)

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