"Kwartet Jorgi" Jam 1991

  1. Daj ac ja pobrusze/Let Me Gring The Corn (trad. M., W. Rychly) 3'17

  2. Oberek/Polish Folk Dance "Oberek" (trad. M. Rychly) 6'28

  3. Z Hory/Down The Mountain (trad. M. Rychly) 1'23

  4. Polonezem na wschod/Let's Polonaise Eastwards (M. Rychly) 5'35

  5. Bramy ogrodu/Gates Of The Garden (trad. M. Rychly) 5'53

  6. Ubinie/Ubinie Village (trad. M., W. Rychly) 8'23

  7. Kolomyjka/Kolomyjka - Ukrainian Dance (trad. W. Rychly) 3'49

  8. Krzesany/Mountaneer's Dance (trad. M.,W. Rychly) 3'39

  9. Piesn wieczorna/Evening Song (trad. M., W. Rychly) 5'58

Cover Picture: M. Chagall "I and village"

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Kwartet Jorgi are:

Gitary (guitars)

Wiolonczela (viol), bebny (drums), glos (voice)


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9. A song overheard in Bartne Village

Musical notations (200 KB)

Our music is based on elements of original Slavic melodies, written down in 19th century by a famous Polish folk music researcher, Oskar Kolberg.

Several original Slavic instruments were used in our recordings, of which Wielkopolska drone pipes, ancient Slavic panpipes and a Kurpie wooden trumpet are only examples. A classical cello and a guitar were also used.

This booklet contains notes recording themes that inspired us, and a map on which you can find places in old Poland where the tunes originated.

We feel that in our music ancient themes have acquired a new age aura. Traditional Slavic melodies empowered with our inspiration gained pristine strength and a new harmony.

Why don't you sense this ancient mood of sycamore in the modern ambience of our music.

Kwartet Jorgi

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